Teen Chat
free live teen chat
for teens aged 16-19
full of other cool teens!
Chat Zone
get in the chat zone
for free, chat with
hundreds of other chatters
Roleplay Chat
free roleyplay chat room
for all ages so
please keep roleplaying clean

Teen Zone
the teen zone is a free
chat room for teens
aged 16-19 only please
Kids Chat
kids chat is strictly
moderated. Free kids
chat for ages 13-15 only
Help Chat
help chat is for chat
related or web site
related assistance only!
Welcome to AllAgesChat.Com

AllAgesChat.Com is one of the most popular FREE live chat sites on the internet! It is stacked full of free chat rooms for kids, teens, and younger teens. Our free chat rooms feature buddy lists, rooms tabs so you can browse other rooms, person to person private messaging, and so much more. The free chat rooms at AllAgesChat.Com are become more and more popular by the day, so what are you waiting for? Join the chat rooms now and start your free chat fun!

AllAgesChat.Com has many free chat rooms for you to choose from. Chat rooms like teen chat, kids chat, chat zone, and singles chat are all very popular chat rooms here at AllAgesChat.Com! Oh, and don't forget to invite friends to join in on the fun free live chat fun! Thanks!
Chat Room Guidelines

To make your free chat easier here at AllAgesChat.Com, follow these few guidelines and rules to ensure a safe, fun, and FREE chat adventure!

A few rules:

1.) Never give out personal info like phone #'s, credit card #'s, etc.
2.) Do not advertise other web sites in our chat rooms!
3.) Do not flood the channel with text in a quick fasion
4.) Do not use racial remarks or terrorist type remarks
5.) Do not abuse other chatters in the free chat rooms here
6.) Most of all, just have fun! All the above could get you banned!

How to chat:

1.) Click a chat room in the Chat Rooms list.
2.) Wait for the java applet to load, may take 30 seconds or so.
3.) Enter your desired nickname in the appropriate box, and click "Connect".
4.) Once connected, type a message in the white box and click enter.
5.) You are chatting live with hundreds of other chatters, ENJOY!

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